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  1. Shane Wynter says:

    Will vert shock work for me. I Am 12 years old a 4 11. MY goal is to touch my school rim which is 8 feet. Will this work if a am a kid and this short. My friends always say I can’t touch rim and I want to prove them wrong. Hopefully this program will help me.

  2. Dave Carson says:

    I have a son who will be a high school senior next year. He plays on both his high school football and basketball teams. He was an all-state football player as a junior, and his team played in the state basketball tournament, so was very successfull in both. One thing he would like to improve is his jumping ability.

    I am also an assistant coach and teacher at the school he attends. We have a fairly extensive weight training program in the summer. Is this program something that we can add without overtraining?

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