Before you read my Vert Shock review, you might want to know a bit about me and why I started this website. My name is Jacob, I’m 5’10” and an amateur basketball player. I’m too old to dream about going pro, but I do coach a local team here in my hometown of Philly.

The kids I coach don’t have access to expensive gym equipment. Some of the courts they play on don’t even have level asphalt. These are kids who give their last dollar for a good pair of high tops. Since these kids don’t have access to pro coaches (who usually bill over $200 per hour), they are stuck with the training advice they find online. A lot of this advice is flat-out wrong. I’m sorry to say that, for a long time, I was also giving my kids inaccurate information about how to improve their vertical jumps.

Like most assume, I’d told the kids they had to do strength training to increase their jump height.   On a whim, I bought Vert Shock one day. I read the book and, as an experiment, started doing the exercises. I was pretty shocked at the results I got. I’m not going to be accepted to the NBA, but my vert jump went from a decent 22” (I’m in my 30s) to an impressive 27”. I immediately got my kids to work on the program and now they all practically worship me!

I hope you find my review of Vert Shock useful, as well as the other information I plan on posting here. Feel free to comment and share your experiences!

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